Because it’s more than just wireless*

Wireless Equals Simplicity

As our ‘Wireless’ name suggests, we specialize in ‘Wireless’ security/alert solutions. All of our products are ‘plug & play’; they’re effortless to implement.

Our product range includes components engineered to work independently, to solve particular security problems; or together, to provide a network of integrated solutions; e.g. a single sensor can trigger multiple receivers to do different jobs – verbal warning, send Sms/Text message, activate lights or sirens, etc.
Our products are ideal for local conditions and local challenges.

We Don’t Do Complexity

We don’t want to deal with complexity; with heaps of technology for technology’s sake; and we know you don’t either, so we’ve invested vast resources into making every component as simple to integrate and use as is possible; without compromising versatility.
Our products require no wiring or technician and are easy-to-install or relocate.

Reliable RF Integration

Our outdoor detectors use reliable RF (radio frequency) transmitters to transmit through walls to our various receiver options; each of which will then do the job it’s designed to do: Sms/Text, verbally warn, or activate other devices.

Unrivaled Versatility; from Construction to Location or on Vacation

In fact, VoiceAlert products are so easy to configure and use that you can apply them in ways you’ve come to accept as innately non-secure as you never imagined solution could exist:

Construction: How can one secure a construction site that goes from a piece of unturned earth on day-one, through all the rapid physical changes, to a building with a million-plus rand of vulnerability to theft and vandalism. The most popular method is using a night watchman – but that is not infallible and comes with a host of its own problems.  You certainly can’t deploy standard alarm-style hard wired systems.  However, this is a job begging for VoiceAlert products.

Location Situations: Include all situations where expensive equipment are necessarily not able to be secured in the normal way; with sirens. These include hospitals, schools, car lots, guest houses, etc.

Vacation: Whether it’s your own holiday home, one you’re renting, or a guest-house/hotel; the reality is that the criminals at your destination are not on vacation!  They know you’re arriving laden with the high-value trappings they desperately want; cash, credit cards, cameras, laptops, etc.  And, it’s their turf; they know the area better than you.  You’re dead tired when you arrive and don’t want to be dealing with the security infrastructures when you’re on vacation.  The point being, that VoiceAlert products can easily pack into your luggage, be quickly deployed and re-packed when you leave, and keep you, you room, your luggage and ‘toys’ safe for the duration of your stay.

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